20 Amazing & Diverse Speakers  –FutureBizNow 2023 Conference


Mishka Nizar

Founder, Mirihana Legal

Mishka Nizar, author of “The Art of Artificial Intelligence,” is a dynamic leader pioneering the A.I. revolution. Her Law degree and boundless curiosity ignited a journey into A.I.’s transformative power. Orchestrating a global focus group, she captured 100 perspectives in 2020. Mishka’s profound A.I. research, specializing in machine learning, natural language processing, and data analysis, establishes her as an influential voice in the A.I. community. Her mission to explA.I.n A.I. in palatable, simple terms on her YouTube channel and through her guide empowers others to shape an inclusive A.I. landscape. Mishka illuminates pathways to comprehend and contribute to A.I.’s narrative, driving a brighter future.

Claudette Hutchinson

Chief Learning Officer, Andreaus Consulting

Claudette Hutchinson, CPTD, CTDP, is a talent development, learning, and performance expert. She collaborates with local, national, and global learning and development professionals to devise actionable strategies that produce skyrocketing results. Her superpower is engineering experiences that positively affect people’s bodies, brains, and behaviours, ultimately helping your organization exceed expectations and maximize output.

Claudette Hutchinson, C.T.P.D., C.P.T.D., is an internationally certified talent development professional with over 20 years of engineering transformative experiences for global communities. She devotes her expertise to serving the not-for-profit ecosystem. As a life-long learner and active volunteer Claudette currently sits on several boards and holds various positions on multiple committees in the people development space. She dedicates time to connecting, supporting, learning from, and educating people on elevating their community through culturally relevant education.

“Your people hold the key to unlocking your company’s potential. Their knowledge and expertise are irreplaceable assets that can help you overcome even the toughest challenges. When investing in their growth and development, you demonstrate your commitment to their success and your company’s future. Investing in your people is your choice; let your investment lead you to limitless possibilities.”

Lori Pelzer

CEO, Girlgobegreat Lifestyle Success Co, LLC

Meet Lori Pelzer, a remarkable individual with an unwavering spirit of resilience; overcoming a slew of challenges— from teen pregnancy and poverty to rising to the top of her business career becoming a millionaire in her thirties where she carved her niche in the real estate industry, building a successful brokerage for 17 years from the ground up with her husband and brother before retiring in 2012.

Lori’s biggest test would come after loosing over $1 Million dollars of her assets, becoming homeless seemingly overnight during the 2008 US housing crisis. She reinvented her life again, representing what an inspiring woman leader looks like in action; and a dynamo in the world of entrepreneurship.

Lori has been for the past 10 years the CEO of Girlgobegreat a business training and development company for women entrepreneurs. She’s also the visionary behind GirlGoBeGreatAI, a startup tech initiative designed to help create fresh opportunities and profitability for underserved and underbanked women entrepreneurs. 

A seasoned businesswoman with 25 years of experience she’s been seen on CBS, NBC, WACH FOX, FOX BUSINESS Affiliates, FLOW 98.7 including numerous magazines and radio. Lori has gained recognition as an International motivational & TEDx speaker and a highly sought-after business profitability coach, directly impacting over 10,000 women throughout various platforms. She’s the creator of “DEFY The Good” Podcast located on the Apple & Spotify platform.