Dr Jelani Clarke, Ph D, Executive Director, DeSciWorld



Mishka Nizar

Founder, Mirihana Legal

Mishka Nizar, author of “The Art of Artificial Intelligence,” is a dynamic leader pioneering the A.I. revolution. Her Law degree and boundless curiosity ignited a journey into A.I.’s transformative power. Orchestrating a global focus group, she captured 100 perspectives in 2020. Mishka’s profound A.I. research, specializing in machine learning, natural language processing, and data analysis, establishes her as an influential voice in the A.I. community.

Her mission to explA.I.n A.I. in palatable, simple terms on her YouTube channel and through her guide empowers others to shape an inclusive A.I. landscape. Mishka illuminates pathways to comprehend and contribute to A.I.’s narrative, driving a brighter future.

Taurea “Vision” Avant

Founder & CEO, Book Profits Club™ & Author Allstars™

Taurea Avant founded Book Profits Club after seeing a number of authors who were struggling to achieve the success they deserved. They spent all of this time creating their book but made little money. She has been blessed to assist over 5000 individuals in writing books, which is wonderful, but I want to be accountable for assisting 100,000 people per year in genuinely building companies from their books!

Taurea Vision Avant is a remarkable individual whose journey from adversity to accomplishment is an inspiration. Graduating from Hampton University with a degree in Computer Science, she embarked on a path of resilience and determination.

Overcoming the loss of her parents to cirrhosis of the liver and stage 4 lung cancer, Taurea found a profound purpose.
In 2007, she relocated to Atlanta after a decade of entrepreneurial setbacks. Fueled by an unwavering spirit, Taurea began shaping her success story. A two-time TEDx speaker, she captured audiences with her powerful presence, sharing her narrative of triumph through life’s trials.

In 2014, Taurea discovered her mission: guiding speakers, coaches, and network marketers to become published authors. Her belief in the transformative power of words led to over 6,000 individuals realizing their authorial dreams. In 2019, she founded the Book Profits Club™, aiding authors not just in creating impactful books, but also in navigating marketing intricacies, thereby unleashing their book’s full potential.

In 2021, Taurea introduced Author Allstars™ Magazine, creating an optimal platform for authors to gain exposure, amplifying book sales, and expanding product and service reach. The magazine annually spotlights 50 authors, a testament to her commitment to fostering success.

Wayne Hinds

Founding Director | 2020 Insight Consulting | Author

Wayne is a specialist in technology with over twenty years of experience in the field of data and analytics. Recently published, his book “Reclaim Your Digital Gold” discusses data, artificial intelligence (AI), privacy, and the influence of social media. It is over 200 pages lengthy and packed with exciting and informative information about the value of your data, how it is being used to transform our world, and how you can reclaim your data power! He is enthusiastic about technological advancements, particularly those driven by data, analytics, and AI, and their influence on the future of business.