Wayne Hinds

Founding Director, 2020
Insight Consulting | Author
Speaker Stage: Main Stage (Celebration Hall)

Data & Digital Business Transformation

We will discuss the importance of personal data and how it is being used to shape the future of business and society. As a result of the widespread acceptance of the internet, booming mobile device usage, and vast amounts of data, new business models have emerged to meet our every need and convenience online.

Data has become the fuel to power many businesses’ goals and engines, as they collect, measure, and analyze it in order to market to people like you and me based on our search, behavioural habits, and purchasing patterns. Some of these companies provide enticing behavioural and habit-changing services that will result in irreversible social change.

Data has quickly become one of the world’s most valuable commodities, and we’re willing to trade our personal information for convenience, entertainment, and instant gratification.
We explore what the future of business and society might look like, as well as practical steps you can take to reclaim and reposition your data power.

Errol Gibbs

Author, Speaker, Entrepreneur
Speaker Stage: Main Stage (Celebration Hall)

Consummate Project Management—Preparing for the AI Revolution

The presenter will introduce high-level concepts for managing projects and businesses, using proven methodologies, policies, guidelines and procedures, processes, and practices. These approaches will help to ensure the effective execution of all phases of projects and businesses, from initiation to project closeout and ongoing business operations—essential to succeed in the emerging AI economy.

Henry Ogbuagu

Founding Partner, Vencapital LLC
Speaker Stage: Second (Virtual)  Stage (The Hub)

Improving Access to Venture Capital for Underrepresented founders

During this session, Henry will generously impart his expertise in the realm of alternative investments, emphasizing Venture Capital and Private Equity asset classes. His objective is to demonstrate how we can accelerate equitable access to capital and diversify investment opportunities for the emerging generation of technology-driven businesses.

Engaging in Henry’s session promises to enrich your understanding of Venture investing, offering unparalleled access to the dynamic world of venture capital. This experience is tailored to enhance your knowledge and proficiency in Venture Capital while also facilitating valuable connections with industry professionals.

James Watkins

President, JNubi Film & Entertainment
Speaker Stage: Main Stage (Celebration Hall)

Music & Entertainment Industry Transformation

James will provide a clear and transparent process in the discovery, development and distribution of performing arts. The JNUBi team will facilitate this by applying sound simple evidenced based practices that are unique enough not to be a cookie cutter approach, but similar enough to be streamlined and efficient in its delivery.

Jnubi entertainment & Film is building entertainment infrastructures world-wide to exploit music, film, plays, videos, documentries, TV and short stories.

Mishka Nizar

Founder, Mirihana Legal
Speaker Stage: Main Stage (Celebration Hall)