Women Of Influence

Mishka Nizar

Founder, Mirihana Legal
Speaker Stage: Main Stage (Celebration Hall)

Advocacy in the Digital Age

Understanding and using digital tools to make our messages bigger and bolder. Let’s explore how we can spark conversations, raise awareness, and inspire action like never before.  Learn how we’re connecting with people from all walks of life and making a difference while staying true to our creative spirit. Unleashing the Power of the Digital Age: Where Technology Fuels, Advocacy Ignites Change.

Claudette Hutchinson

Chief Learning Officer, Andreaus Consulting
Speaker Stage: Main Stage (Celebration Hall)

Rethinking Learning

The bond between Ingenious and Black Learning Experiences
From Covid 19 to the George Floyd murder to the mass graves of 215 Indigenous Children, 2020 was a year of upheaval and trauma. In October 2020, Claudette was offered an opportunity of a lifetime and decided to leave conformity behind to forge a path to healing. Partnering with Black and Ingenious organizations, she has spent the last three years engineering learning experiences dedicated to creating culturally relevant training that incorporates the richness of our history and ways. During her session, she will explain why organizations must rethink how we approach learning for the Black and Ingenious Community and how using the power of technology and the rich history of storytelling, community, and connection can be even more transformative than the power of AI.

Britney Cole

Vice President, and Head of the Blanchard Innovation Lab
Speaker Stage: Main Stage (Celebration Hall)

Leadership in Innovation

As the world changes more rapidly than ever, the skills needed to lead ourselves, others, teams, and organizations must also change. While we are more connected to technology, including more accessible AI tools, we also feel more disconnected and isolated from each other. It’s never been a more critical time to lead with empathy, agility, and innovation. 
Join Britney Cole, Vice President, and Head of the Blanchard Innovation Lab, to discuss the trends of the future of leadership, including how to manage and leverage new technologies effectively, prioritize the development of the critical human skills to drive creativity, belonging and collaboration, and how to become more comfortable with ambiguity and learning from failure.  Get ready for some practical tools and models to help you adapt and be ready for whatever happens next!

Taurea “Vision” Avant

Founder & CEO, Book Profits Club™ & Author Allstars™ | Author
Speaker Stage: Main Stage (Celebration Hall)

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