Publishing, Marketing & Promotions

Wayne Hinds

President, TRUTH Communications Media & Publications | Author
Speaker Stage: Main Stage (Celebration Hall)

Publishing in Digital Age

We will discuss the changing landscape with technology and the publishing industry especially the self-publishing era and new opportunities it brings.

Truth Communications makes sure that your book and other content get the attention it needs to get published and distributed. This can include designing a cover, having it edited, produced, printed, or converted to a digital asset (also known as an eBook).

We provide resources to help authors and content creators get their work published, distributed, and sold, saving you time, energy, and money by mapping out all of the steps in the process and determining the best course of action.

Taurea “Vision” Avant

Founder & CEO, Book Profits Club™ & Author Allstars™ | Author
Speaker Stage: Main Stage (Celebration Hall)

Choose your favorite. They are all the same talk

• Beyond the Book: Amplify Your Influence and Income by Dominating the Stage in Any Field
• Turning Words into Wealth: Unleashing the Power of Your Book to Secure More Speaking Engagements and Industry Profits
• Literary Launchpad: How Your Book Can Catapult You onto More Stages and Skyrocket Your Industry Earnings
• From Manuscript to Microphone: A Strategic Guide to Using Your Book as a
Springboard to Industry Stardom and Financial Gain
• Ink to Impact: Crafting Your Book’s Success Story to Secure Speaking Gigs and Elevate Your Industry Prosperity


Panel of Conference Speakers
Speaker Stage: Main Stage (Celebration Hall)

Topic: Changing Business Environment, Trends and opportunities in the new digital area

Description: The Conference Panel delves into and engages in discussions regarding the implications for both businesses and society as a whole, in light of the swift advancements and integration of technology and AI. This encompasses an interactive Q&A session with the conference attendees.